A guide to the most unique wedding invitations


Whenever it comes to your wedding day, you want everything to be unique and perfect.
You want it to represent who you are, and what you like. 

It is of course your BIG day! (and the groom of course, but let's face it; he is just there to say "I Do".) 

A necessary evil?

When it comes to planning your wedding day, lots of brides think that the wedding invitations are a "necessary evil".
They are the thing that is expected from your guest, to make sure that they feel important.

And yes, okay, that is part of what the wedding invitations are about; they invite your guest to your wedding. BUT they do so much more than that!

NO! So much more than just an invitation

But here are my pennies worth about what your wedding invitations can mean. 
See your wedding invitations as the starting point of your wedding. 

It's the first moment that your guest will see something of your wedding. 
They will wonder, and in a way they will judge
Will it be elegant? What is the colour scheme like? Do they have a theme? 

So how do you blow your guest away with a unique wedding invitation?

Start by thinking about what it is that you and your future hubby like.
Are you both in films?
Than maybe think about making your invitations relatable to your favourite movie.
Maybe you want to incorporate a favourite quote to your invitations?
Or maybe you just want to make the invitation look like a cinema ticket!

Or maybe the two of you are into board games? Monopoly anyone? 

Or maybe the theme of the wedding is an easy choice.

How I chose our perfect and unique wedding invitations

Whenever it came to choosing our theme for our wedding, the choice was easily made.
I was going to marry a pilot. So an aviation wedding theme it was!
But I didn't want to just put his signature on it. So I choose something that I loved as well. 
I love everything that is vintage, unique, different from everything else. 
So that is what I brought to the table. 

I think when it comes to choosing your perfect and unique wedding invitations, it's looking at what it is your love!
It's about thinking outside the box, and it's about putting as much detail and as much of yourself into your wedding invitations! 

Have a look at what we came up with for ours! :)